We deliver custom software platforms, algorithmic solutions, and workflows that power biological insights from environmental sequence information.

Our team will design algorithms, pipelines, and platforms to suit your needs.

Our highly trained leadership team includes a computer scientist and statistician with extensive knowledge and experience in distributed algorithms and parallel computing, and experts in environmental genomics with over a decade of academic and interdisciplinary research experience in ecology, molecular biology, and genetics. Together the Koonkie founders have authored over 175 research papers in microbiology, bioinformatics, parallel programming and distributed computing, produced several production software platforms, and developed grid-computing infrastructure for large-scale data processing. 

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Founding Team

 Aria Hahn                       Kishori  Konwar             Steven Hallam

Aria Hahn     

Aria is a co-founder and microbiologist specializing in metagenomic analyses.  With experience in microbial ecology and bioinformatics, she is a Research Analyst and collaborates with a talented team of scientists to write and design software and analytical solutions for processing Big (genomic) Data. At Koonkie, Aria strives to capture both the scientific truths and clients' vision by designing custom analytical platforms.                     

 Kishori Konwar  

Kishori Konwar is a co-founder, computer scientist, and statistician with extensive knowledge and experience in distributed algorithms and parallel computing. Kishori has authored several production softwares and has developed grid computing infrastructure for large scale simulation and data processing. At Koonkie, Kishori focuses on taming wild data.

Steven Hallam 

Steven Hallam is a co-founder and associate professor at the University of British Columbia whose work aims to harness the awesome power of environmental genomics to explore the microcosmos. With two decades of interdisciplinary experience in ecology, molecular biology, genetics, and computer science, Steven brings a wealth of organizational and interpretative expertise to the Koonkie team. At Koonkie, Steven manages and guides scientific exploration.